2008-09-21 18:10:48 by Lambizzel

Von Fotos und Idealisten

Wo Moral zum idealistischen Einweg - Geschoss wird, verliert sie ihre Glaubwürdigkeit. Schockierung fokussiert Aufmerksamkeit.

Situationsethik ist ein schönes Wort, besonders dann, wenn es um hypothetische Situationen geht...

2007-11-22 19:04:15 by Lambizzel

How can moral systems be justified ?

Apart from acting morally, this essay tries to give possible reasons for the justification and, probably, the exigency of moral systems.

According to one of the most discussed questions in ethics, which system is most successful, you also have to deal with the "meta-questio...

2007-11-19 18:09:41 by patrick

Law as delegation of self-responsibility

In how far should the law decide instead of ourselves? What makes the law a delegation of self-responsibility, and what is the structure of that delegation?

Since mankind began to congregate in social systems, tribes or states, we invented certain laws, to regulate our inte...

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