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Nuclear Mindbomb

Wir ertrinken in den berauschten Wellen unserer Gehirne, sind geworfen um das Ziel aus den Augen zu verlieren, verbauen unsere fiktive Wahrnehmung mit den Grenzsteinen der Sprache, bauen Burgen aus den Trümmern der Welt, Dunkelheit will Augenlicht, das Äußere erliegt dem Inneren, wir überziehen Kontingente, sind die Metaphern aller Unerklärlichkeiten, keuchende Aquarelle, Nachgeburten des Universums, juckende Existenzen, vom röhrenförmigen Rausch der Selbsttäuschung gepeitscht, sterben wir bevor wir geboren werden - intermediäre Totgeburten.

We lose ourselves by producing

I’m very proud to introducing

Some mind confusing,

Brain abusing cosmic-fusion,

God is formally known as the global illusion,

God is a child, adopted by miss’s evolution.

We are dropped in a fractal solution.

Getting’ drunk in an unfilled ocean.

The light of inner dragons is frozen

Everything is hiding in its motion.

Waiting for the spirit of explosion.

Limit your pride and mind that you’re blind,

The only enemy you have to fight,

Lives inside, between waves of sight.

Lighten up the unborn night,

By using mental dynamite,

I hope you like

To think beside the points of being.

A reborn of seeing, a new stream of meaning,

Is cleaning your cells, try to feel yourself,

I am anybody and everything else.

Don’t try to blame, try to get insane

To overcome the kingdom of your brain.

All my words, all in vain,

Pregnant clouds, not able to rain,

A treasure, waiting under its own sea,

Analyzing what we wish to be.

Constructing my worlds,

Feeding birds to let me fly,

I woke up in here, don’t ask me why.

Escaping from the dungeons of freedom,

Into spider’s worldwide web of wisdom,

An abstract hybrid I want to play with.

Perceiving my surroundings in 8-bit.

Jumping through the wires of information,

Try to forget the question of creation,

Tell me about you, not about your nation,

Waiting at an unknown station,

Facing misleading manipulation,

Let me die by your destination.

I’m your heaven, you’re my hell,

Try to ring my entertainment bell.

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Lambizzel wrote on 2008-08-22 16:26:07

yessir !

* Why use my real name?

* Pflichtfelder