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Sparkline-like statistic visualization tool: Beta release of version 0.22

Good news: just finished a pre release of my sparkling PHP library.

Download Sparkling v0.22 here

The file contains two class files needed, as well as a demo or example file.

Latest News
Feb 4th 2008:
- added feature point ability to line charts; see example file and this:
<b>example for feature points</b>

Server Requirements
- PHP5+
- GD graphic library

As all works on the class is licensed with creative commons attribution 2.0 german license.

Release Notes
- code hints are missing almost allover
- bugs is not yet know but surely there

- Bar chart function
- Line chart function
- Pie chart function
See Statistics class finished,Pie Charts and Bar Charts for details.

Known bugs
...yet to come

To do
- Comments and code hints
- Feature points in line charts (s. Sparklines & Statistics for details) done in v22
- Image polisher: images look quiet "raw", yet. Maybe anti aliasing helps
- API: calling an image file directly would be nice (like <img src="example.png?data=1,2,3,4&color=red...">

For contact please register to this page, since we suffered spam attacks in the past, refer to me: patrick

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