2007-12-18 23:47:37 by patrick

Statistics class finished

Sparkline alternative is now finished / UPDATE: there's one and a half features missing

Find the release here: Sparkling.

After having some trouble with the sparkline class provided at sparkline.org, I made an attempt to create my own PH...

2007-12-11 11:43:08 by patrick

Update on updates

<b>Description: an Avatar</b>

Picture upload, website structure

Yesterday I've implemented the picture upload and embedding into texts, again. As already seen in the old version of this website, pictures can now be uploaded for each text, and be embedded by a short string, like this one:...

2007-12-07 13:34:52 by patrick

Bar Charts

And again: more tools. Wrote bar charting class

Most recent update on this topic / official release: Sparkling

Since Sparklines didn't satisfy my completely (see Sparklines & Statistics), I felt urged to re-write this class completely.

All ...

2007-12-06 13:29:23 by patrick

Pie Charts

Just added the next statistics tool: a pie chart generator

Most recent update on this topic / official release: Sparkling

Yesterday I began writing my own chart&graph image class, since sparklines (see Sparklines & Statistics) has some more bugs than I ha...

2007-12-04 01:49:29 by patrick

Sparklines & Statistics

First implementation of Sparklines.

Most recent update on this topic / official release: Sparkling

General Information:
Okay, it's done: I've just now finished the first real Sparklines implementation. Let's see what this tool can do: mainly it's about...

2007-11-18 14:01:25 by patrick


Die ist nur die Ank√ľndigung, dass die neue Version der Seite nun online ist. Kein relevanter Content.

Also, wie versprochen hier die neue (und sicher noch nicht ganz fehlerfreie) Version der Kwondoo Seite...

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