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Bar Charts

And again: more tools. Wrote bar charting class

Most recent update on this topic / official release: Sparkling

Since Sparklines didn't satisfy my completely (see Sparklines & Statistics), I felt urged to re-write this class completely.

All this is still work in progress, but after finishing the pie chart generator yesterday (see Pie Charts) I today completed a bar charting tool. It can do bar charts like sparklines, as this text visualization , but it can do more:

- [data grouping] on x-axis,
- caption on y-axis and automated caption (minimum and maximum value) on y-axis and finally
- group coloring.

Here we see texts (red) per months and comments (blue) per month over the last two years, grouped by the year:

Here's the development of texts (green) versus comments (red) over the month in sparkline style:

Maybe I'll add additional features later.

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patrick wrote on 2007-12-10 19:30:04

There was a bug in this class: padding was applied only right and beneath the chart. Now it's distributed.

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