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Pie Charts

Just added the next statistics tool: a pie chart generator

Most recent update on this topic / official release: Sparkling

Yesterday I began writing my own chart&graph image class, since sparklines (see Sparklines & Statistics) has some more bugs than I had recognized in the first place.

The first method to be finished is a simple pie chart generator. You provide the data, the generator automatically converts it into percentual data and returns an image like this one, which shows the ways users took to get to this site:

pie_chart(zugriffe,data334;128;65,250,true,capSearch Engines;Direct;Links,colorsred;blue;green,4)

Maybe we can use it in a more elegant way, here using the above example in a slightly different way:

pie_chart(zugriffe2,data334;128;65,130,false,capsearch;;,colorsred;grey;grey,4) pie_chart(zugriffe3,data334;128;65,130,false,cap;direct;,colorsgrey;red;grey,4) pie_chart(zugriffe4,data334;128;65,130,false,cap;;links,colorsgrey;grey;red,4)

Function is available now, instructions for authors will follow soon.

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patrick wrote on 2007-12-10 19:31:02

There was a bug in this class: padding was applied only right and beneath the chart. Now it's distributed.

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