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Statistics class finished

Sparkline alternative is now finished / UPDATE: there's one and a half features missing

Find the release here: Sparkling.

After having some trouble with the sparkline class provided at sparkline.org, I made an attempt to create my own PHP statistics, bar and line chart creating monster. I still lack a name for the software, but as soon as I find one, I'll provide it in the software->release section.

Till then a short demonstration must do it. Here's a number of sparks, which all show the same data (indeed I have forgotten, actuallay what data this was, but it doesn't matter here).

To show the datalines text flow integration, we can have a look at some graphs like and , which is also just some \"blind\" data, or style the same blind data in another way to (hopefully) gain more "beautiful evidence" like and ; by the way: read the link above, Edward Tufte is sooooo right when talking about graph usability.

So, I won't explain to much. Authors will find FAQ soon (about two days), the data is blind, so it won't need explanation. For general descriptions on sparklines, implementation, more examples and other chart styles see the following issues: Sparklines & Statistics, Pie Charts and Bar Charts.

For questions on code, programming and download please wait for the release here: Realeae section.

[UPDATE, dec. 20th]
The announcement, that the class is finished was made to early, there's still one and a half issues:

- Feature points, like sparklines has them, is not yet supported, but poses a necessary feature to clarify the more complicated line charts. Maybe the feature will be added next month, and so lead to a beta release of this sparklines alternative (it still lacks a name).

- Data grouping in the bar charts function may be buggy: the data is provided as two data string, respectively two arrays. Each value of array one, has a corresponding value in array two, so we have two bars (two y-values) for one x-value. If you add caption, the caption splits the data arrays in groups: lets have two data arrays and two captions: the line between caption one and caption two is drawn after the arrays were walked by 50%. I am not sure, if this is logically sufficient, I get a diffuse feeling of uncertainty here.

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