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Update on updates

Picture upload, website structure

Yesterday I've implemented the picture upload and embedding into texts, again. As already seen in the old version of this website, pictures can now be uploaded for each text, and be embedded by a short string, like this one:

<b>Description: an Avatar</b>

This feature may still have some bugs, so please let me know, if you experience any: patrick.

Soon picture uploads on the individual user pages will follow.

Another important change was made in the structure in which information is provided here: Some more or less redundant categories, like the one I am posting in here (kwondoo.de, are now not longer displayed on our front-page.

Up to come: Clicking on the superior categories will soon lead to a page, which displays the contained categories and a brief description of each, instead of displaying the recent texts. This should encourage users to browse the categories, or at least I hope it will.

The most recent texts will anyways still be displayed on the right hand, so that recurring visitors always find the latest stuff at hand.

I am still looking for a better feature to display the community: by now we only have a list of authors, the "online now" display and the comment feature, where users can be found.

This will not truly encourage interconnections. Any idea? Post it here.

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