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Conciousness vs. Awareness

The distinction between conciousness and awareness is highly important for understanding current issues of Neurosciences and especially the Philosophy of Mind. This short essay makes a purpose of a distinction!

This shall be the start of a new issue which more or less belongs more to what I would call rather "Philosophy of Mind" than Neuroscience, for my thesis is a philosophical one.

Anyway, I would be glad to have some biologists having to say something about this...

So, we all have a glimpse of what Conciousness and Awareness mean, but how do they stick together ?

Is one of them a condition for the other or are they just different expressions for the same kind of phenomena ?

I want to argue, that conciousness is much stronger than awareness in the following:

What is awareness ?

We use to say, we are aware of some sort of facts, evidence, or perception. In general, we may put this together to say, being aware of something, as the formulation shows, refers to some relata.

This goes further than relata in our surroundings, for sure, we are aware that we have beliefs, precisely, we have meta - beliefs, we have beliefs about beliefs.
(Thefore, we shouldn´t reduce the "awareness of" issue to measurale things in general.)

Conciousness is, from my point of view, not a dynamic process which refers to changing events, evidence, beliefs, whatsoever.

Conciousness is, in short, what keeps us together. If awareness means the possibility of having meta -beliefs, than conciousness is a neccessary condition of having beliefs at all.

Having beliefs requires, trivially, someone who has these beliefs, and conciousness is nothing more than the properties which constitute the belief - holder:

Conciousness is the result of a psychological holistic construct of oneself, which exceeds the biological measurable components, conciousness is the result and the self - reflection of the neuronal framework which keeps us together.

Conciousness is an ability, not a process.

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